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Katie Price Trauma Airing

Katie Price shares tips for surviving suicide before her documentary on Trauma Airing arrives.
Katie Price has some really important mental health advice on her Instagram page.
Katie Price has revealed about her mental health that she attempted suicide during a period of severe depression.
Katie said, 'I hit severe depression a few years ago, depression on top of PTSD, I was suicidal, I didn't want to be here.
I wanted to kill myself. I knocked myself and my eyes turned black. I had bruises on my neck. I woke up. I didn't want to stay here.
Katie said she entered The Priory Rehab Clinic to be treated for her post-traumatic stress disorder, and that therapy itself helped her deal with the past and learn what triggers her.
‘I’ve been thinking a lot about my mental health,’ Katie admitted.
Katie said that she will undergo therapy for the rest of her life
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