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EPL: One loss... and the job's over

EPL: One loss and the job is over, Bournemoth fires manager Parker after 0-9 loss against Liverpool

In the English Premier League last Saturday, Bournemoth had to face a 0-9 defeat at the hands of Liverpool.

After this defeat, the club has sacked its manager.

English football club Bournemouth has fired its manager Scott Parker in the middle of the season.

The club took this decision after a one-sided defeat to Liverpool last week. The club has also started the search for a new manager.

Liverpool defeated Bournemoth 9-0 in the English Premier League last Saturday. The players of Bornemoth were failing in every aspect of the game. Scott Parker also made an irresponsible statement after this defeat.
He said on the defeat of his team, 'I am not at all surprised by this defeat. Players need help. Today was a big challenge. There was a big difference between the levels of the two teams.
After the first defeat and then such statements, the discussion was in full swing for the last three days that Scott Parker could be shown the way out.
And this is what happened in the end. On Tuesday, Maxim Denim, owner of Bornmouth Football Club, thanked Scott for his services and informed him of the club's parting ways in a statement.